Parking with 530 spaces

B P International offers 530 public parking spaces and is accessible 24-hour. Electric vehicle charging stations also available in this car park at 3/F.

Hourly Parking
Mondays to Saturdays HK$27
Peak Hours: 11:00am to 8:00pm HK$29
Sundays and Public Holidays (All hourly sessions) HK$27

Parking charge is calculated on hourly basis, parking for part of an hour is charged as an hour.

Day Parking
Mondays to Sundays HK$150
Parking charge is calculated on 24 hours basis, parking for part of 24 hours is charged as one day charge.
Hourly Parking is not applicable.

Monthly Parking
Non-reserved Bay HK$3,800
Reserved Bay HK$4,100

Depart within 30 minutes HK$12*
*Full charge for vehicles staying for more than 30 minutes.

All the following privileges cannot be used at the same time; Management of Scout Centre Carpark shall reserve all final decision.

  • Day Parking (HK$150)
  • All Parking Coupons
  • Scout Member Discount
  • Depart within 30 minutes

Octopus Payment Only (Not Applicable to Monthly Parking) 

For enquiry: (852) 2378 7530

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